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RV Renovation 2014 Thor Ace 30.1 Motorhome

Feb 24, 2021 | RV Renovations

We sold our last renovated RV near the end of summer in 2020 and immediately started looking for a new project. After our Class C there were a few things we knew we wanted in our next RV:

  1. A bigger master bedroom
  2. A slightly bigger bathroom
  3. A bed over the driver

We were able to pick up this 2014 Class A motorhome that checked off all the boxes. Once you have an RV you definitely figure out what you like and don’t like as far as layout. We were nervous about the layout of this RV but now we absolutely love it!

The kitchen counter is huge which is a bonus. And it has a large slide which creates a great space that’s comfortable for 8 people.

Class A RV Renovation

RV Kitchen Renovation

Sooo much paint!!! It felt like it took forever to paint everything. We learned that when it’s cold, the paint is thinner and doesn’t stick as well. When it started warming up outside, the paint covered much better. These cabinets were harder to paint compared to our last RV reno because they aren’t real wood. But we were patient, and it paid off.

RV painting recommendations

  1. Don’t paint when it’s really cold – the paint is too thin and doesn’t cover well.
  2. When you take the cabinets off make sure to label them so you know where they go when it’s time to put them back.
  3. Remove the hinges but you don’t need to remove anything on the inside of the cabinet (unless you plan to paint it).
  4. Give the paint plenty of time to dry, it takes time to cure or you’ll end up chipping it.

RV Lighting

We considered switching out the ceiling lights, but we ended up finding these beautiful baskets on a trip to At Home. We used Alien Tape to stick them to the ceiling which makes it each to take them down if we need to change a bulb.

RV Couch and Dinette

These roll out couches are great for RV living because they add lots of extra space. You can leave the back up and pull out the bed to create a comfy day bed. When it’s flat, it creates a full size RV bed that’s comfortable for two.

We looked on Facebook marketplace and found a guy to reupholster the dinette. After looking at vinyl pricing, the material alone was pretty expensive. We ended up paying $300 to get them reupholstered which is a little more than the material would have cost but the cushions look nice and should hold up well.

RV Bathroom Renovation

The counters are in decent shape, so we decided to keep them, this is a great way to save money on your RV renovation. A little wallpaper, some new cabinet hardware, and a faucet made a huge difference!

I was going to save money and just paint the vanity mirror, but I stumbled upon this pill shaped mirror at Home Goods for $30 so I splurged.

RV Bedroom Renovation

I’m in love with this bedroom! The bed is an RV queen so it’s shorter than a typical queen but still a nice size. You can find affordable RV Queen bedding on Amazon. The wardrobe is huge! I never thought we would use it, but it’s actually been nice to just grab my clothes from the closet, leave them on the hanger, and hang them in the RV. There’s lots of storage which is always needed in an RV.

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