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How We Renovated Our Class A Motorhome In 3 Months

Feb 25, 2021 | RV Renovations

Our Renovation Plan

  1. Paint everything white to make the space look larger and more open
  2. Replace the flooring with an inexpensive vinyl wood look floating floor. (This existing floor was so dingy and ugly!!)
  3. New backsplash
  4. New kitchen sink and faucets
  5. New Hardware

2014 thor motorhome rv renovation
We bought this Class A motorhome on Thanksgiving day 2020 and immediately started the renovation. The coach is in good shape which made the renovation a little easier, however we didn’t expect the amount of primer and paint we would need. Here’s the before pics:

Let the painting begin

The most time consuming part of the renovation was painting everything white. We were going to hire someone to do it but decided to do it ourselves to save money. We started with this primer from Home Depot:
ppg gripper primer from home depot
It worked ok, but we learned a couple things.
1. Don’t paint when it’s cold. The paint becomes thing and doesn’t cover as well. It also takes longer to dry.
2. This primer didn’t cover laminated cabinets as well as the sales person told us it would.

I ended up purchasing this STIX primer from Amazon which worked pretty well:
stix primer from amazon

And we also tried this KILZ primer that we found on sale at home Depot and it worked just as well as the

Yes, that’s 3 different primers in one remodel, but we learned some lessons. STIX and KILZ both work really well, so go with one of those if you’re painting over laminate coated cabinets. And no, we did not sand anything before painting.

New Flooring In A Weekend

I know there are cheaper ways to find flooring, but we just checked Home Depot and Lowes to see what they had and Home Depot ended up having a lot of vinyl wood plank flooring on sale. We went with the one for $1.44.

With the help of one of our gracious friends, my husband and him were able to install the new floors on a Saturday and Sunday one weekend.

You’ll need a table saw and a lot of patience. We started under the slide and worked our way toward the other side of the camper. We glued the first row of pieces to keep them in place, but it’s a floating floor that we just placed on top of the existing floor. This made demo and installation much easier.

New Backsplash Who Dis?

As you can see in the photos above, we had picked out a gray penny tile, which I was really excited about. But when we got it into the RV, I realized the gray didn’t really match well with the counters that we decided to keep which are more brown/beige.

So I decided to go with a Quadrostyle vinyl backsplash wallpaper. Make sure you paint the walls with a semi-gloss paint before putting up any wallpaper or it won’t stick to the wall. This backsplash was really easy to install, and it’s thick so it hides wall imperfections well. I just measured and cut out the sheet of wallpaper into the shape I needed it to fit around the vent hood and left some extra that I cut with an exacto knife. Then I went around the edges with caulking.

RV Kitchen Sink and Faucet

The sink that came in this 2014 Ace was plastic. I just imagined putting a hot pan in there because it slipped my mind and the sink would melt! Beside that, the sink was also round which kind of limits how you can use it. So we found this stainless steel sink at Ikea for $37.99, and it’s made a huge difference!

RV Kitchen Renovation
RV Remodel Before

The old faucet caused an interesting challenge. It has 3 holes and they aren’t all lined up straight, they go around the circular sink. So we had to use a sink hole cover for one of the holes and we used a soap pump for the third hole, since the faucet I picked only uses one hole. The gold faucet is from Amazon, it was more than I wanted to spend especially since Amazon has lots of really affordable options that look great. But still, it was only $87.

Replace The RV Cabinet Hardware

Whoo, this hardware! I couldn’t pick one so I chose two different designs. In the kitchen and bathroom I used clear acrylic and gold hardware on the lower cabinets. And I used square gold hardware everywhere else. I had this idea, to mix two different styles of hardware, but I was nervous about how it would look since I couldn’t find any examples online. I think it turned out really nice. What do you think?

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