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Inside our renovated RV

Starts at $5,000

Custom Motorhome and Travel Trailer Remodels

We’re a husband and wife team that transforms RV’s and travel trailers into your dream glamper. Our remodeled RV’s are like a resort on wheels so you can travel in comfort while being in nature.

Our remodeling process is simple.

1. Schedule a free consultation

2. We’ll work with you to create a custom plan to remodel your motorhome or travel trailer.

3. We’ll remodel your RV. You’ll pop the champagne when you see how amazing it looks!

Happy Glampers


The Perfect Glamper

We found Travel Happy RV locally and love the work they do! We purchased an already renovated RV and we’re so happy with it, it feels like our home away from home!

– Melanie


We Can't Believe It!

Seriously, we love shocking people with the inside of our RV. No one ever expects how it will look inside, then we hit them with the sneak attack! But really, we’re so happy with our motorhome and the work that Travel Happy RV did for us.

– Eric


Love This Company

We found an an RV in our price range and Travel Happy RV was able turn it into the RV were dreaming of. If you’re on a budget, they will help you make your dreams come true.

– Chirene

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Schedule A Free Consultation

Let’s start planning your RV remodel! We can transform your RV into the perfect camper or RV for you and your family.


Can I buy one of your already remodeled RV’s?

We will list our available RV’s for sale on the website when they are ready for their new owner.

I already have an RV, will you remodel it?

If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area or would like to travel to us, we can renovate your RV locally! We only remodel client-owned RV’s, we do not help with the purchase of your RV.

Will you help me purchase an RV to remodel?

Because the buying process can extend the length of the project, we don’t help in the buying selection process. If you would like some advice to help you pick the perfect RV, you can schedule a 30-minute consultation with us and we’ll be happy to help you! Once you have your RV, we can get you a quote and schedule your remodel.

How long does it take to remodel an RV?

The timeframe for our remodels depends on lots of variables. Including, what type of RV you want us to remodel, the size of the RV, and your requirements/expectations. Some RV owners want simple updates while others are looking for some very custom upgrades that take more time to achieve. When we discuss your project, we’ll get a good understanding of what you’re looking to do with your RV and when you’ll be able to drop it off with us. That’s when we’ll be able to plan out a timeline for completing your RV remodel.

How much does an RV remodel cost?

This really depends on your budget and what you’re looking to achieve! We’ll create a custom plan for your RV remodel so you’ll know the costs up-front. Cosmetic changes are generally lower in cost, while full renovations and gut jobs get more expensive because it usually involves moving/repairing walls, replacing countertops, and more.

Motorhome vs. travel trailer: What do you recommend?

We are always partial to motorhomes because it fits our needs as a family and that’s how you should decide what’s best for you. We like the convenience of not having to leave the coach while traveling. If we need a snack, nap, or bathroom break we can easily keep driving or pull over and never have to leave our RV. We also like to tow our side-by-side with us when we go on trips, and we can do that with our motorhome instead of having to make it fit inside a toy hauler.

Travel trailers come with their own benefits. They start at a lower cost point because there’s no mechanics. That means there’s usually less maintenance involved as well. Depending on the type of trailer, it may not come with a generator, so keep that in mind when making your decision and considering your budget.

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