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15 Must Pack Items for Your Next Camping Trip

Feb 23, 2021 | RV Hacks

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Below is a list of our favorite items that we make sure to never forget when we go camping.

1. Allergy Pills

I like to leave a bottle of allergy pills in the RV because when I forget them I end up sneezing all day. The best deal I’ve found on allergy pills is at Costco.

2. Tissues

Very important when you’re camping in nature. The scenery is beautiful but it’s full of dust, pollen, trees…all the things that make your nose watery and a nice soft tissue will soothe your sniffles.

3. Nail Clippers / Tweezers

I know I know…make fun of the girl who breaks a nail. But really, when your camping it’s really rough on your nails and mine tend to break a lot. We also spend a lot of time on our boat and we’re always doing things with our hands.

When your nail breaks, you’ll be happy you have nail clippers.

And tweezers are always good to have on hand to remove a tick, splinter, or a wild hair on your face!

4. Butter

Butter is one of those ingredients that you end up using in almost every dish. You can use it to prevent food from sticking to a pan which makes camping cleanup so much easier. Personally, I like real butter. It tastes the best!

5. Spare contacts / Lens Rinse

I’ll tell you a true story that proves why this is so important. If you wear contacts like my husband, things happen to them that are sometimes out of your control.

Sometimes a gust of wind blows it straight out of your eye.

Other times you may drink a few beers, take your contacts out and think you safely put them in their case before bed.

One hazy morning, my husband awoke to a dried up contact sitting on the bathroom counter. It didn’t make it in the case after all (could of been the beers or the fact that my husband is basically blind without his contacts). Luckily he was able to revive it, but he now brings an extra pair on our camping trips just in case something happens.

6. Headlamp with Motion Sensor

You need to have the motion sensor! We were camping one weekend our campsite neighbor had one. It’s life changing. This headlamp two pack from Amazon is perfect because the light actually tilts down as well so you don’t blind people.

When you’re cooking or playing games outside at night, a headlight helps you see and the the motion sensor allows you to swipe your hand across it to turn it off and on.

7. Toaster

People often ask what appliances are a must have in their RV. A toaster is a necessity. It makes it easy to toast bread, bagels, english muffins…all the things you eat when you’re camping. And when you wake up hungover, a nice toasty piece of bread will help soak up that alcohol.

8. Coffee / Coffee Maker

I can’t get through any trip without coffee. A kcup coffee brewer makes it really easy to brew a fresh cup of coffee on the road. It’s also a lot less messy for camping. Our favorite brewer, we’ve even considered buying for the house because it brews the coffee really hot and doesn’t make you refill the water reservoir when it still has water in it. The Faberware single serve coffee maker even comes with a reusable filter so you can use any coffee you want. Because it brews so hot, specialty coffee tastes great brewed in this machine.

9. BrüMate Can cooler

I’ve always been a fan of beer koozies to keep my drink nice and cold. Especially living in Arizona, it’s a necessity. BrüMate is the holy grail of beer koozies and actually keeps your drink cold for hours even in the summer (if it takes you that long to drink it).

Not to mention all the eye-catching colors they come in. If your into drinking White Claws and Truly’s or Corona cans, pick up the Hopsulator Slim. There’s options for regular beer cans, twist offs, and even glass bottles.

This is the perfect RV accessory to ensure your drinks are always ice cold. Get 15% off at the BrüMate store with this link.

10. Coolers

This Lifetime cooler is our main cooler where we keep drinks for the weekend. Drinks stay cold all weekend, so we really like this one for the price.

We use these Ozark Trail soft coolers as our backup coolers and they work great! We use them for food while we’re driving if the fridge isn’t cool enough yet. We also like to use them in our side by side when we’re on the trails.

11. Camping Chairs

Omg, I never thought I’d be picky about a camping chair. I also never thought I would like a zero gravity chair. But now I really don’t like to camp without it. I’ve tried lots of different chairs and zero gravity camping chairs really are the most comfortable. Ours came with a side table and cup holders which is great for any camping trip. The table actually comes in really handy, and you could use it as a card table.

12. Body Wash

Just because your camping doesn’t mean you can’t be clean and smell good! Dove foaming body wash is the best soap we’ve found for the RV. When your showering in an RV you usually have to take a quicker shower to conserve water. This foaming soap washes off quickly and smells great too!

13. Clorox Wipes

If you can find them (every store seems to always be sold out these days) Clorox wipes make cleanup much easier. You can wipe down every surface with them. In the RV they are great for cleaning the counters and toilet cleanup. We don’t have to wait to clean the RV when we get home, we can keep it clean our entire trip.

14. Baby Wipes

We don’t have kids but we’re obsessed with baby wipes. We keep them in the RV, in our car, and in our side by side. When we’re camping they are great for easily wiping dirt and dust off our bodies (like a bird bath). And of course you can use them for butt wipes.

15. Eye Makeup Remover

Micellar cleansing water is the best because it easily takes off mascara and all your makeup. I’ve forgotten makeup remover before when camping and it’s always a struggle to get off my makeup. Now I just leave this in the RV so I’m never without a clean face.

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